Self Defense MMA Classes featuring the Counterpoint Tactical System

The Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS) is a weapon-based, integrated martial art designed for the street with an emphasis on real-world Self Defense MMA tactical counter offense. Although an eclectic martial art, Counterpoint Tactical System's largest traditional influence can be found in the Filipino Martial Arts.

The purpose of CTS is to train and certify students and instructors, making them well-versed in every phase of civilian armed and unarmed combat. Counterpoint Tactical System is unmatched in the fighting arts for its span of techniques: covering punching, kicking, trapping, long-range and short-range weapon applications and defense, stand-up grappling, and ground fighting. The techniques featured in Counterpoint Tactical System have been shown in a number of successful action films, such as those of John Wick and Jason Bourne. A further descriptive explanation of Counterpoint Tactical System can be found below in its comparison to other systems that are popular today.

Focused entirely on application for real-world self defense and the consideration of all fighting aspects.

Students will also learn techniques to stop fights before they start. Martial arts, particularly The Counterpoint Tactical System, improves your mind, body, and spirit.

We offer classes for people of all ages. Our Senior instructor Clint Eversole is a huge Star Wars fan and has aptly named the various programs after the ranks of the Jedi order from the Star Wars canon. links for further details on our kids, teens, and adults classes are available below:


Our Senior Instructor works as an engineer during the day to be financially stable, with a difficult work schedule and even travel it is very difficult to hold a regular schedule. Contact our Senior Instructor Clint Eversole to schedule a private session, please try to schedule any session at least one week in advance. Please see our class schedule for full details on our operating hours. 

First class is always free! Drop-in available. First come, first served. All those considering are eligible for a free trial period up to one full month.  Save your spot by emailing Clint at



Limited Training: $80/month / 1 day of class per week

Basic Training: $100/month / 2 days of classes per week

Unlimited Training: $120/month / unlimited classes per week

10% discounted each month for multiple family members

10% discounted for dues paid for 3 months in advance.

15% discounted for dues paid for 6 months in advance.

25% discounted for dues paid for 12 months in advance.

50% discounted for the next month for every 1 person that signs up at your suggestion. 

All first timers are eligible for up to a full 1 month free trial of classes.

To compensate determined students for the difficult class schedule, prices are negotiable for those who have shown determined to learn, contact our senior instructor for further details.

Student fees are due at the first class of the month, except for private instruction fees which are due at the start of the session. Various methods of payment will be made available. If you use a mobile payment service (e.g. Venmo) which Columbus Tactical does not currently have an account with, notify the Senior Instructor and he will arrange for payments to be possible through the respective service.


Invest in yourself.  Improve yourself.  Protect yourself.

Self defense skills are invaluable in this day and age.