Self Defense MMA Classes featuring the Counterpoint Tactical System

The Counterpoint Tactical System (CTS) is a weapon-based, integrated martial art designed for the street with an emphasis on real-world Self Defense MMA tactical counter offense. Although an eclectic martial art, Counterpoint Tactical System's largest traditional influence can be found in the Filipino Martial Arts.

The purpose of CTS is to train and certify students and instructors, making them well-versed in every phase of civilian armed and unarmed combat. Counterpoint Tactical System is unmatched in the fighting arts for its span of techniques: covering punching, kicking, trapping, long-range and short-range weapon applications and defense, stand-up grappling, and ground fighting. The techniques featured in Counterpoint Tactical System have been shown in a number of successful action films, such as those of John Wick and Jason Bourne. A further descriptive explanation of Counterpoint Tactical System can be found below in its comparison to other systems that are popular today.

Columbus Tactical Martial Arts is the EXCLUSIVE provider of Counterpoint Tactical System in the Greater Columbus area.   

Focused entirely on application for real-world self defense and the consideration of all fighting aspects.

Students will also learn techniques to stop fights before they start. Martial arts, particularly The Counterpoint Tactical System, improves your mind, body, and spirit.

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Counterpoint Tactical System & Other Martial Arts


MMA stands for Mixed Martial Arts, a term applied to any fighting system that is derived from more than one source. As an eclectic system created from multiple martial arts dealing with striking, grappling, and weapons, Counterpoint Tactical System can be considered a mixed martial art. Most people think of UFC octagon cage-fighting when the term MMA is used. While Counterpoint is not used for sport, there are stories of fighters using Counterpoint or techniques found in Counterpoint to gain the advantage on their opponents. One excellent example is Holly Holm’s victory over Ronda Rousey.


Karate is most frequently used as a term by most people to refer to martial arts as a whole. More accurately, Karate is a specific martial art originating from Okinawa (a Japanese island). Though there are many styles, Karate is a striking/grappling system, focusing primarily on striking. Its popularity has grown worldwide, to the point of becoming an Olympic sport. Counterpoint can, in fact, trace its origin to a system of Karate: American Kenpo.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a ground-based grappling system. The idea of the system is that most fights end up on the ground, so the techniques focus on choking out and forcing the opponent to submit on the ground through choke holds and joint locks. One of its most popular applications is its use in the UFC. Counterpoint has its own set of ground fighting techniques, as well, though the set’s core principles are quite different from that of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Counterpoint’s concerns for ground fighting focus on the self defense issues of weapons and multiple attackers, so instead of staying on the ground to submit, the goal is to escape the ground, getting back to your feet to better defend yourself.


Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. Its techniques are almost entirely striking, with a great deal of focus placed on high kicks. Taekwondo schools in the United States spend most of their time learning techniques for the sake of sporting competitions and form demonstrations. Counterpoint’s concerns are quite different from those of Taekwondo’s: Counterpoint does not have forms in the same sense as Taekwondo or Karate, and Counterpoint has no concern for sporting competitions. All of its focus is directed toward realistic self defense.

Krav Maga

Krav Maga is an Israeli combat system for self defense. It holds a very practical consideration for self-protection and has no consideration for sports. Although the concern for realism in Krav Maga is very similar to Counterpoint’s, Krav Maga (at many schools in the United States) holds little regard for the consideration of skilled attackers and takes the same approach as many self defense seminars in assuming that any techniques used will work without fail because your opponent will be untrained. Conversely, Counterpoint places a great deal of emphasis on the profound learning of techniques, given its automatic assumption that all potential attackers will be trained.

Kung Fu

Kung Fu is a broad term referring to a wide variety of Chinese martial arts. There are so many, it is difficult to go into extensive detail here. One thing that is worth pointing out is the fact that Counterpoint draws techniques from several Chinese martial arts: Wing Chun, Ba Gua, and Tai Chi.


Judo is a Japanese grappling martial art, which primarily focuses on throws from a standing position. Its techniques have widespread use in sport competitions from the UFC all the way to the Olympics. Judo was derived from its parent system, Jiujitsu. Counterpoint derived techniques from Jiujitsu as well for the set of grappling techniques in its system.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a striking martial art from Thailand featuring techniques to strike with every part of the body. It’s a well-known system used for sporting competitions, both in the UFC and in stand-alone Muay Thai competitions. While Counterpoint does not borrow techniques directly from Muay Thai, it does have techniques similar to it, which are just as effective. And just like Muay Thai, Counterpoint practitioners learn to strike with every part of the body.

Cardio Kick Boxing

Cardio Kickboxing is for adults looking for high impact and fun in each workout session.  Cardio kickboxing incorporates the key elements of the martial arts program to create a high intensity and fun workout session.

About the classes:

  • Adults, ages 16+, men and women
  • All levels welcome; progress at your own pace

  • No prior experience or training necessary

  • Adults wanting to be able to defend themselves in real-world scenarios

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The kids/teens class serves to provide everyone too young for the adults class with the benefits of martial arts training, our core principles of self defense, self-confidence, and self-control. All while focusing on our character development and real world skills.


Our Open Mat time takes place on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 7:30. Open mat will feature free time to use the mat space as desired and senior instructor Clint Eversole will be available as needed. This free time can be used for anything: sparring, questions, extra practice time, maybe you have a belt test coming up and want to sharpen a few things, or maybe just an excuse to have access to mat space. The time is yours to use as you like.


Classes are taught by Clint Eversole 3 days per week.  Attend unlimited classes for one monthly fee. The more often you attend, the more quickly you’ll increase your skill and see real changes in your ability, confidence, and overall mental and physical fitness.  And everyone is entitled to a free two-week trial period.

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Cardio Kickboxing with Clint Self Defense Open Classes (featuring Counterpoint Tactical System)
Tuesday, Thursday Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
5:30-6:30pm 6:30-7:30pm

First class is always free! Drop-in available. First come, first served.  Save your spot by emailing Clint at



These prices show are the most popular options, more choices are available on request


3 Month Membership
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Cardio Kickboxing $60/mo. $70
Self Defense $70/mo. $80
Cardio Kickboxing + Self Defense
Unlimited Classes - Come for Cardio Kickboxing
and stay for Self Defense; up to 3 times per week
$85/mo. $100

Referral Program: Refer a friend and you BOTH win! 50% off first month for your friend, and 50% off 1 month for you.  


Invest in yourself.  Improve yourself.  Protect yourself.

Self defense skills are invaluable in this day and age.