Teens class

Our Padawans class is our teens class. We teach your teen realistic self defense while emphasizing relevant life skills. Teens (approximately ages 12 - 15) will be taught basic self-defense skills to better handle themselves in real-life: striking, grappling, basic weapon techniques, and the necessary understanding of personal interaction (continuation of verbal skills) to best resolve conflict in an appropriate manner. Testing will consist of 3 stripes (degrees) for each belt and the next belt in question. Each belt will require 12 months of training and each stripe will require 3 months.

The Trials

Children who wish to continue to train into adulthood will automatically be promoted to the adults class at the age of 16. However, any child who wishes, with their parent’s or guardian’s permission, may be promoted to the adult class at the instructor’s discretion and may be eligible to test and be rewarded an officially recognized Blue belt (the first belt progression towards black in Counterpoint Tactical System) as early as 12 years of age.

Those children who wish to progress onto the adult class early must prove themselves of sufficient development and pass the specially named trials.


This trial is a test of the students martial abilities and will determine if the student needs more training prior to advancing to the Adults class.


Courage is an essential aspect of martial arts. This trial will determine if the student has the strength of will to use their techniques as necessary to defend themselves, their principles, or others should the situation present itself.


Martial arts is and always will be physically demanding, this trial will determine if the student is physically capable of keeping up with the other adults with which they wish to train


The mind is the most important tool of any martial artist, this trial will determine if the student possess the necessary mental capacity to understand the critical concepts in martial arts to keep up with the other adults with which they wish to train.


The most important trial of all, this trial will test the student’s character to see if they possess the necessary wisdom to use (or not use) their martial skill appropriately in real life.

Depending upon how they conduct themselves inside and outside of class, all students have the potential to pass some or all of the trials prior to asking to be promoted to the Adults class. Should they fail to prove themselves on any of the five points, a formal test or examination may be held entirely at the instructor’s discretion. Should a student fail a trial, they will be eligible to try again after a certain period of time. This time amount will again be entirely up to the instructor to decide. After obtaining their parent’s or guardian’s consent, passing all five trials, and asking to be promoted to the adults class, the student will be “knighted” at the end of the next class and officially promoted to the adults class.

Class Format

  1. 1. Class will begin with the students and instructors bowing in and warming up with stretching and light exercise
  2. 2. After the warm-up, training will begin over some pre-planned set of techniques
  3. 3. Approximately half way through class, the students will gather around for a discussion on an important character lesson
  4. 4. Training will resume until several minutes before the scheduled end of class, when a second discussion will begin and the students will be issued some challenge or consideration on how to behave outside of class.