adults class

Our Knights class is the Adults class. The focus will be on realistic self-defense concerning the most tactically sound strategies against worst-case scenarios.

Personal Mission Statement

The goal of our classes here at Columbus Tactical is to train people to be better martial artists; both in the sense of greater martial skill for the purpose of the ability to defend oneself in a real-world scenario as well as to create better people through the improvement of mind, body, and spirit.  Our concern is with reality-based self-defense and developing the skill necessary to adequately protect yourself and your loved ones in any scenario; as well as improving our students as better people to help stop fights before they start.  Our adult program serves to provide our students with the martial skill needed to survive anything, teaching our primary arts of Counterpoint Tactical System.  We strive to provide the best martial art instruction in the Columbus area for a fantastic price to teach people the wonderful skill of self-defense and all willing parties will be welcomed into our school.  

About Counterpoint Tactical System

The Counterpoint Tactical System, also known by the acronym CTS, is a weapon-based integrated martial art designed for the street with an emphasis on real-world tactical counter offense. Although an eclectic martial art, the Counterpoint Tactical System's largest traditional influence can be found in the Filipino Martial Arts. The purpose of CTS is to train and certify students and instructors, making them well versed in every phase of civilian armed and unarmed combat. Counterpoint Tactical System is unmatched in the fighting arts for its span of techniques: covering punching, kicking, trapping, long-range and short-range weapon applications and defense, stand-up grappling, and ground fighting.